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On Comprehensive reforms


"However deep the water may be, we will wade into it because we have no alternative."


On Urbanization


"We need to prevent the urban malaise and avoid the situation in which high-rises co-exist with shantytowns."


On Government reforms


"We need to leave to the market and society what they can do well. The government needs to manage well the matters that fall under its supervision."


On Environment


"I feel upset (about the smog that recently shrouded Beijing and large parts of the country's eastern areas). To tackle the problems, we need an iron fist, firm resolution and tough measures."


On Clean governance


"Pursuing government office and making money have been 'two separate paths' since ancient times."


On Cross-Straits ties


"Bones may be broken but not the sinews, because we are fellow compatriots. Between us there is no knot that cannot be undone."


On Ties with the US


"I don't believe conflicts between big powers are inevitable. Shared interests often override their disputes."


On Accusation of Chinese hacker attacks against the United States


"We should not make groundless accusations against each other and should spend more time doing practical things that will contribute to cybersecurity."


On Tackling pollution and food safety problems


"We will upgrade China's economic development model to enable people to enjoy clean air and safe drinking water and food."


On Sustainable development


"There are more than 1.3 billion people in this country, and we are still on a long journey toward modernization. That requires an international environment of lasting peace."


On Cooperation between the mainland and Hong Kong


"Hong Kong compatriots are hardworking and smart. Hong Kong society is open, inclusive and vigorous."


On Top tasks of the new cabinet


"In a country as vast as China, we have a lot of tasks to fulfill. As for the most important one, I think it is to facilitate the continuous growth of the economy."


On Serving the people and Constitution


"We will be true to the Constitution and loyal to the people, and the people's wish will point the direction of our government's efforts."

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